Equal Share Press is a boutique publishing house dedicated to making printed and digital technical books more accessible for readers and authors alike. By adopting an agile publishing model, we hope to make technical books affordable and adaptive.

The name Equal Share comes from an elementary math puzzle: “Mr. Badger is celebrating his birthday with six friends. He wants to divide a square birthday cake for himself and his six guests to ensure that everyone receives an equal share. But how does he do this? After some reflection, he realizes that the area of any radially-cut piece is proportional to the length of its edge. Mr. Badger wraps a piece of string around the perimeter of the cake and then divides the string into sevenths. Now, he can measure around the cake’s perimeter to make each cut.” With a little know-how, we can find solutions that are equitable for everyone.

Equal Share Press was established in 2021 and is based in Arlington, Virginia.